Welcome to H2O’s Documentation

H2O brings better algorithms to Big Data. This documentation is here to help guide and inform users. Users looking for documentation on a specific subject may find the Index by Topic useful. Index By Subject

Getting Started with H2O

This section is for new users. Here you can find information on getting started from downloaded versions of H2O, and using H2O with R.

Tutorials in H2O

Data Science

For information on the details of model specification, and an in-depth look at the math behind our algorithms and tools.


Overview and walkthroughs for the different APIs to H2O.

Sparkling Water Integration

Information, tutorials, and meetup slide decks for Sparkling Water.

Deployment and Big Data Management

Developing in H2O

H2O is open source, which means you have the opportunity to contribute! Look here to get started...

Helpful Resources

Information related to the H2O project and data available in the public domain.


For answers to frequently asked questions and compilation of solution to error message:


A few more things that you might be interested in...