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Supervised Learning
Generalized Linear Modeling (GLM) Tutorial Booklet Reference Tuning
Gradient Boosting Machine (GBM) Tutorial Booklet Reference Tuning
Deep Learning Tutorial Booklet Reference Tuning
Distributed Random Forest Tutorial Booklet Reference Tuning
Naive Bayes Tutorial Booklet Reference Tuning
Stacked Ensembles Tutorial Booklet Reference Tuning
XGBoost Tutorial Booklet Reference Tuning
Unsupervised Learning
Generalized Low Rank Models (GLRM) Tutorial Reference
K-Means Clustering Tutorial Reference
Principal Components Analysis (PCA) Tutorial Reference
Word2vec Tutorial Reference


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Use Case Examples
Chicago crime prediction R Python ScalaSW PySW
Airlines delays prediction R Python ScalaSW PySW
Lending Club loan prediction R Python ScalaSW PySW
Ham or Spam R Python ScalaSW PySW
Prediction with prostate dataset R Python ScalaSW PySW
Craigslist Job Titles R Python ScalaSW PySW

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A description of H2O's internal software architecture


Security features for H2O, such as SSL and LDAP support


Recipes for taking H2O to production